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Gifts to Go

Baby Name PlateIf you are feeling creatively challenged, do not worry… Hands On is full of finished items, hand-created by our staff artists and ready to give to that special person! We have everything from silver jewelry to hand-painted platters to fused glass art pieces. All you have to do is wrap them and add a gift card. If we don't have exactly what you're looking for, let us know and we'll make it happen! Our talented staff can personalize a wedding plate or piggy bank or set of margarita glasses just for you. Please contact us for more information about customized projects.


Wedding PlateHands On offers custom hand-painted signature platters for your special wedding or celebratory event. Each plate comes with a ceramic pen so that each guest at your celebration can sign the plate. Signature Platters are a unique reminder of your special day and all the people who shared it with you! The pen is permanent once it is heated in a regular baking oven! Design themes include wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, retirement, teacher’s gift, or coach’s gift. We can also customize the design with names, dates and even photographs.


  • Thanks Coach PlatePaint a travel mug and fill it with a special blend of coffee or hot chocolate or insert a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop.
  • Create a piece of silver clay or fused glass jewelry and pair it with a hand-painted jewelry box or ring holder.
  • They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so why not paint a frame to hold that special picture and give it as a gift!
  • If you are giving balloons to celebrate, how about painting a small ceramic piece to hold your balloon bouquet!
  • Gift Certificates are perfect for any occasion, including birthdays, “thank you’s”, Mother’s Day, holidays, family get-togethers and more!

Click here to see our Gifts to Go Gallery



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