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FrogMosaic is the art of creating images by assembling small pieces of colored glass or tile. Bits of ceramic or glass tile of different colors, known as tesserae, are used to create a pattern or picture on a surface such as a table or wall. Mosaic is an ancient and versatile art form that can transform any ordinary project into a beautiful work of art. No experience is necessary – our friendly staff is here to give you all the instructions you need. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


Mosaic Step1

Choose a mosaic base from our selection of picture frames, clocks, mirrors, plaques, trivets, tables and more.



Check out our mosaic idea books to help inspire your creation. You can use a pencil to draw your design directly onto your mosaic base or lay your tiles out to create your pattern. Our helpful staff is always available to answer your questions about mosaic designs and patterns.


Mosaics Step3Select your tesserae (the broken pieces of glass and tile you use to create your design) - we’ve got lots of different colors and textures from which to choose. We’ll teach you how to use tile nippers to cut your tiles into smaller pieces. After you’ve got the tiles arranged to fit your design, glue them in place.


Mosaics Step4Let the glue set for about 15 minutes before you take your mosaic project home. We’ll give you a grout kit and instructions for finishing up your masterpiece at home. One of the best things about mosaics is that you can take them home the same day you make them. They are the perfect idea for a last-minute gift.


Photo MosaicCreate beautiful photo mosaics using crystal clear tiles and your own photo.




Mosaic SuncatchersSuncatcher mosaics shine happiness wherever they go! We’ll show you how to use special translucent tiles, glass glue and an acrylic base to create these whimsical, bright and fun mosaics that are the perfect addition to any window.



Our studio fee covers the costs of the grout and tools and it’s for the day for as many pieces as you do that day. There are no hourly fees – so, stay as long as you want and mosaic as much as you want. You pay the studio fee plus the price of the mosaic base. Mosaic pieces range from $15 to $150, depending upon the size and type of project.
     Kids 12 and under:  $4 flat studio fee
     Adults: $6 flat studio fee

Click here to see our Mosaics Gallery


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